This is me!

I’m Kate – Brummie born, with Welsh heritage.

I have my dream job!  I love empowering women business owners and helping them tell their story visually.

There was a time when I was producing and directing documentaries for the BBC that millions sat down to watch, because of this background, I’ve discovered I’m way more than just a photographer.

I will help you build a set of images that target your ideal client speak about your values and make your website and social media feel more cohesive and professional. 

My super power is subtly organising people, putting you at your ease, keeping your shoot running smoothly whilst still getting fabulous natural reactions.

I like to tell the story of your business from start to finish; the people, the clients, the work and why everyone should work with – you!   I’ll get headshots too – but they won’t be like anyone elses and we will do so much more than just portraits.

woman with camera and red hair - photogrpaher

TOP TIP: One of the most important things when picking a photographer is to make sure you meet and like them.  The more relaxed you are with them and vice versa – the better the photos you get. 

With this in mind drop me a line, let’s hook up for a cuppa via  Zoom and check that we ‘click’.


  1. I’ve been a photographer for more than 10 years
  2. In my directing days I’ve had John Craven and Christine Walkden over for tea at my house.
  3. I’m obsessed with swimming – wild or chlorinated.
  4. I love marmite and marmalade on toast! Please don’t judge me.
  5. The dream is one day to move to Pembs and invite you all on photography courses!

I also love wedding photography!

Same quirky nature, different setting.
wedding photograph outside venue

Want to Know More?

Drop me a line and I’ll inbox you once a month with some easy wins and tips on posting, images and branding.

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