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Branding is more than just a logo, colours and fonts. Your visual identity is actually made up of lots of different elements, including photography, but what is brand photography, why is it important and how can you get some for your own brand?
March 12, 2021

Why Branding Photography is a Must for Businesses

By Kate Hollingsworth

Visuals play a crucial role in how you portray your personal brand to your customers and clients, and how potential clients see you. First impressions last.  

It’s important to remember that customers shop with their eyes and will often make decisions based on their first impression of someone.

Personal branding involves influencing the way potential customers see you and view your products or services, which is why personal branding photography can have such a massive impact.

Professional photos are an asset and will serve you for years to come. Having a bank of on brand, professional, memorable and bespoke images will not only save you time , it will attract more of the right clients and make you more money into your business.

Here are a few of the ways that you would benefit from taking professional personal branding photos.

Send them with your press releases

If you usually send out press releases or are planning to in the coming year, professional photos will help your submission stand out. Publications love it when all of the hard work is already done for them!

Use them throughout your website

Businesses that feature professional photos of real people inspire more trust than those that use stock photos. Real life bespoke photographs, that are personal to you and your brand, also help tell your business story more authentically. Also, the promotional show reel and GIFs that your photographer has provided you with will stand out on your site.

Use them throughout your social media campaigns

For every post or social media communication, you can choose the right image, that will heighten the engagement that post gets. You can also use the graphics, video clips and promotional show reels that your photographer has provided to increase levels of engagement.

Place them in your email campaigns

Take your email blasts to the next level by including your brand photographs in them.

Include them on your landing pages

If you rely on landing pages to help you generate sales, adding personal branding photography to them can boost your results.

Create a killer bio for events

Speaking at an upcoming event? Make sure that you have a professional headshot and branding photos on hand to send along with your bio.

Make your email signature memorable

Not everybody remembers a name but almost everyone can recall a face. Adding a photograph to your email signature can make it more memorable.

Add them to your printed marketing materials

If you print your marketing materials on a regular basis, a photograph can be used to make your brochures and business cards stand out.

Save time

When you’re approached by a publisher, you want to have a professional photograph that you approve of on hand. When you rely on publications to take your photos, you need to rely on their photographers, many of which are students. This is your personal brand and you should have the final say in whom takes your photos. You also save time in the sense that you don’t need to take additional time out of your day for the photos because you’ll already have them at your disposal. 

Remember to refresh your photos often so that your personal brand is also reflected accurately – also every time you change that head shot on your Social Channels – your network is alerted and you stay fresh in their mind’s eye, literally!

Why wait? Let’s have a discovery call today to see how I can help boost your business….

June 19, 2020

Behind the Scenes – Countryfile

As some of you will know my first career before photography was producing and directing documentaries and factual television so when ‘Countryfile’ asked me to follow them for a couple of days and capture behind the scenes photographs of their team at work I was thrilled!
brand photography
May 19, 2020

Images, Images, Images

16 years working for the BBC and Channel4 on a lot of property programmes which meant that when I photographed my first hotel it felt like I’d come home!
May 17, 2020

Rain Rain, go away?

We happen to live in one of the greenest, most beautiful countries in Europe and it’s mainly because of our rain/sunshine combo! So the chance of rain even on that summer saturday in August is high – at least 50/50.
May 2, 2019


So at the end of last year I photographed the gorgeous Helen and Chris on their wedding day.  They chose St Peter’s Church in Powick for their marriage ceremony, followed by the gorgeous and intimate Elmslie House for their reception.

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