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brand photography

Images, Images, Images

16 years working for the BBC and Channel4 on a lot of property programmes which meant that when I photographed my first hotel it felt like I’d come home!

It’s a very similar skill set that I employ when trying to capture a mood or convey an emotion of a property in To Buy or Not to Buy’ or ‘How to Build a House for 100K’ both of which I directed and produced respectively.

Before photographing a restaurant, hotel or home we sit down and together work out exactly what mood and story we need to convey. What are the images to be used for, who is the target client and what is the emotion or sentiment we need to create.

This way together we create a wealth of beautifully crafted images to convey your message and on websites, social media or in print. The right images to help create a following and get you more visitors and sales.

Below is a project I recently undertook for the fine dining boutique hotel ‘The Feathered Nest’ in the Cotswolds.