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Images, Images, Images

16 years working for the BBC and Channel4 on a lot of property programmes which meant that when I photographed my first hotel it felt like I’d come home!

It’s a very similar skill set that I employ when trying to capture a mood or convey an emotion of a property in To Buy or Not to Buy’ or ‘How to Build a House for 100K’ both of which I directed and produced respectively.

Before photographing a restaurant, hotel or home we sit down and together work out exactly what mood and story we need to convey. What are the images to be used for, who is the target client and what is the emotion or sentiment we need to create.

This way together we create a wealth of beautifully crafted images to convey your message and on websites, social media or in print. The right images to help create a following and get you more visitors and sales.

Below is a project I recently undertook for the fine dining boutique hotel ‘The Feathered Nest’ in the Cotswolds.

Rain Rain, go away?

Will it rain on my wedding day? What on earth do we do if it does?

We happen to live in one of the greenest, most beautiful countries in Europe and it’s mainly because of our rain/sunshine combo! So the chance of rain even on that summer saturday in August is high – at least 50/50.

So what should you do?

Here are some of my recent brides top tips;

1. Embrace it. You’ve got a fab venue, laugh, love and nip outside when you can for photos. If you are positive, your guests will be – happiness is infectious it spreads.

2. Have lots of clear brollies at the ready. As a photographer I always carry a few in the boot of my car and some super lovely bright ones as my brides often love a ‘pop’ of colour – Flying Tiger  has great rainbow ones for £5 Primark has some lovely clear ones edged with black or white.

3. Use doorways for images you and the guests take – the dark behind and natural light from outside works wonders with any photos you are taking.

4. Be flexible – remember, once the rain clears up the light can be amazing and will make any colours you’ve chosen appear brighter and more vibrant. Be ready to nip out between food courses if necessary to grab dry photo opportunities.

5. If your ceremony is outside, make sure guests are aware and dress appropriately – let them know if you plan on staying outside even if it rains! They may want to rethink their shoe choice and wear a vest!

6. Do speak to your venue and have a contingency plan. If your ceremony is outside speak to the venue about gazebos. Check you can have one at the last minute and don’t have to order it days in advance.

7. Everyone loves a rain photo or brolly shot – get out there in the rain and enjoy the craziness of it all!

Below are images from Lauren and Phil’s beautiful day. It poured in Biblical proportions all day and didn’t dampen their spirits at all!