Month: September 2021

How to harness colour in your brand images

Colors are an essential part of how your brand is communicated. But you know this already.

Scientifically, they are the first thing we register when we are assessing anything. This is because colours give your brand emotion. Depending on the colours you choose or what you want to communicate as a brand, colour can help you stand out from everybody else.

By the time you come to me you will have probably already figured this out and carefully chosen your brand colours.

What I am here to help you do is to harness those colours and those emotions in your website and feed with the images you choose to take and share.

There are lots of ways that we can use colour to make your branding feel cohesive and confident. Here are three easy wins for you to think about right now.

  1. PLANNING A SHOOT – When planning brand shoots think about how you can wear a ‘pop’ of your brand colours – or even plan a location that has your brand colours already there…it might be a wall, a chair, a lampshade or a sofa.

2. PROPS – Everything you buy from now on needs to be ‘on brand’ so look for props that are in your key colours. Think – notebooks, mugs, water glasses, photo frames, pens and stationery . All small and useful items that can go with blogs and post about; top tips, getting in touch, how we work with our clients….

3. EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO that you take to post anywhere on your Social Media from now on needs to have a ‘hint’ of one of your main brand colours – using tips one and two! OR build yourself a simple frame in Canva with your brand colours and put any images you want to share in this frame or write pithy and pertinent words inside this frame using one of your brand fonts.

WHY? I hear you cry?! Firstly – go back to the top of this blog and re-read it. Because, scientifically proven – colour will effect your clients decisions.

And secondly? It will give your website and social media a cohesive feel that politely, yet confidently shouts ‘I know what I am doing, you are in safe hands here, we are a team that stands together has lots of lovely values and will help you’.

In short – It will give clients the confidence they need to press ‘send’, book that discovery call and ultimately get them one step closer to booking you. That’s all.

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Speak soon, Kate x