Month: November 2021

How to pick the perfect photographer

Recently I’ve been chatting to clients about how to pick the right photographer for their business.  This is something I feel quite passionate about because here’s the thing…I might not be the perfect photographer for you!

Strange thing for me to say – but it’s true.  Those of you who know me well, know that I am never anything other than very honest 😉

I’d far rather you had all the tools to help you discover your perfect pick… So here are 3 things to think about when booking a photographer for a brand shoot;

  • TIP ONE – Snoop around.

Look at the websites, social media and LinkedIn of various photographers.  Now don’t dismiss this my teaching you to suck eggs.  Really do look around!

The number of conversations I have where I realise, people haven’t looked a single one of my images would astound you!

Look at the photos up on their feeds and website and check the vibe. Do you want colourful and vibrant, or dark and moody? Do you want prefer white, clean, soft and bright, or do you want filmic and arty?

Maybe more importantly still – what kind of story telling is happening in the images? Does every shoot have it’s own brand story and personality?  Or do all the of the companies look the same…

All these things will matter and align or not with your brand. So have a look first and see what feel you get.

  • TIP TWO – Speak to a few photographers

Seriously – just arrange a call. After doing this for over 10 years now I still maintain most important thing about a photographer is that you connect with them.  If you feel relaxed and confident in their presence you will be the most authentic version of yourself, and this really does matter especially in brand images. You want come across as the most approachable and natural, version of yourself.

You need to ‘click’ with your photographer.  After 16 years as a TV producer/director for the BBC I am rather good at relaxing most people without them realising it, but I never mind jumping on a call to check if people think we will get on. I have a lot of energy and it’s best to try me out on a Zoom call first 😉

  • TIP THREE – Ask what their process is.

This is your hard earned money you are spending. Don’t be afraid to ask what you are getting in return!  How thorough is the process?

I am the antithesis of a ‘turn up and shoot photographer’ – I like to have at least a 4-6 week planning period between booking and brand shoot.  There is a lot to think about and get right with these shoots. 

With my shoots we dig deep into everything; from your ideal client, to what you want to talk about online and in blogs. We discuss how you want to be perceived as a company or small solopreneur and work out the best shoot schedule to cover as many of these points as possible.

As my client you will have to do some thinking and planning with me!  I’ll hold your hand every step of the way but it requires some soul searching which will make your brand stronger in the end – of this I promise you.


Ask for testimonials or ask your network who they suggest – this can open a can of worms as everyone has different tastes! However, it’s a good place to start your snooping around 😉

Don’t be afraid to ask for examples of full galleries… It’s all well and good seeing a handful of stellar images but a full set will give you a glimpse into creative breadth and storytelling of a shoot.