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Bridal Preparations

I love the morning before the ceremony. Whatever the pace, wherever the place I love these moments that tell your story.

I love the early morning champagne, mug of tea or slammed back shots! The last minute nerves, the exciting unwrapping of presents and cards and the giggles or tears. I like getting to know your family and pals so that later when we’re hanging out for the day you forget I’m there snapping away and I get THE best reactions and emotions.

I love the finishing touches to the hair and make up and if they’re your bag the detail shots of flowers and shoes. The odd happy tear and the big bear hugs given with meaning!

Yup – I’m a sentimental thing – but it matters to me and it’s reflected in the images you get.

Here’s some of my favourite bridal prep moments.

Enjoy…it’s your turn next!